As a DBMS SQL Server is a powerful, cost-effective, and simple-to-use DBMS able to service the needs of most small-to-medium size businesses right out-of-the-box without professional management by a DBA.  In fact, a recent survey reported that 45% of IT personnel responsible for managing their company’s SQL Server instances are not trained database administrators instead these professionals label themselves as “volunteer” or “accidental” DBAs.   However, there comes a time when a company reaches a certain milestone when a company begins to ask the following questions:

  • Is our data safe?
  • What is our disaster recovery plan?
  • Are we fault-tolerant?
  • Can the server(s) be optimized for OLTP / OLAP?
  • Server traffic is increasing and response time is decreasing; time to buy more hardware?
  • Can we leverage our OLTP data to support business decisions?

Resolving questions such as these requires a depth of experience generally not available from the volunteer or accidental DBA.  The obvious problem is that the salary, as recently reported, for a full-time experienced DBA averages $104,000 which is often prohibitive; therefore, other solutions are necessary. So, the question is:

  • How does a growing company enlist the expertise of an expert DBA without assuming the cost?

The answer to this riddle is:

  • Rent the expertise by the hour or project from XTIVIA.  You get competitive rates for senior-level expertise for as little or as long as you need.
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