You may have heard from Salesforce that, in the near future, Lightning will be available within your Salesforce instance. Lightning is Salesforce’s newest innovation designed to enhance your team’s user experience and drive further adoption throughout all phases of your company’s sales processes.

While it shouldn’t give you reason to pause, you should be aware of the formal migration path your organization needs to take to ensure a seamless migration. Based on your environment, certain pieces of functionality may not work properly when you first turn on Lightning. Because of this, proper testing needs to be done before fully migrating to Lightning, ensuring no valuable functionality is lost.

Outlined below are a few things you should be aware of before migrating to the new, powerful Lightning platform.

Missing Functionality

  • Not all functionality available in Classic is available in Lighting Experience. Some of the major features your team may be using include:
    • Opportunity Teams
    • Opportunity Splits
    • Big Deal Alert
      • There are workarounds in Lightning for each of these pieces of functionality but be aware; when you turn on Lightning initially, none of the three items listed above will be available for your solution.

3rd-Party Apps

  • Which Apps on the AppExchange is your team currently leveraging? This could be a big component of timing to make the switch as not all apps are yet compatible with Lightning. Make sure you reach out to the creators of the App to ensure it will continue to work for your team post-switch.


  • Depending on how customized your solution is can drastically affect the level of effort needed to properly migrate your instance to Lightning. Some questions to ask in advance include:
    • Are you leveraging a lot of Visualforce pages?
    • Does your team utilize JavaScript buttons?
    • How many custom Links/URL buttons does your system depend on?
    • Have you built out different “Home Pages” for your team?
    • How many different Page Layouts do you utilize for the Objects your team is leveraging?
  • These  items need to be considered when migrating to Lightning. Some may break entirely and need to be rebuilt, while others may just need minor tweaks to ensure a seamless user experience when switching over to Lightning.

Reports & Dashboards

  • The new Lightning Experience offers enhanced reporting services. However, there are things you need to consider:
    • How many reports is your team using?
    • How many are scheduled to auto-send out?
    • How many are leveraging charts/graphs?
    • How many Dashboards is your team utilizing?
    • Are any of the reports using Conditional highlighting?
  • The Reports and Dashboards your team is using on a day-to-day basis may need further review when switching over to Lightning and, based on any number of factors, may need to be tweaked or rebuilt using the Lightning Report Writer.


  • We would not call this an issue; in fact, ongoing training is a good thing for your team. However, it is something to consider since Lightning UX has a very different look and feel than Classic. Our training program will walk your users through everything they need to be aware of to ensure a seamless launch on Lightning.

Now that you know the major things to be aware of, please reach out and we’ll talk you through these considerations in a personalized way to ensure your company is fully prepared to make the switch to Lightning. The team at, powered by XTIVIA, can work with you on all aspects of your migration process to ensure a smooth transition and get your team up and running quickly.

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