The third quarter of 2016 brings further enhancements to the platform, new key accounts and partnerships, and the largest contributor conference since the open source project started

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Oct. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ownCloud continues down the road to success in the third quarter of 2016. Following the departure of the co-founder and CTO, and the establishment of an ownCloud fork, the management team, led by CEO Tobias Gerlinger, and COO and founder Holger Dyroff, have succeeded in retaining the confidence of the clients while simultaneously expanding the operative business.

In the third quarter, 40 organizations renewed their contracts with ownCloud or chose ownCloud Enterprise for the first time, which means that over 350 clients now use the ownCloud Enterprise Edition. The final list includes household names like Deichmann, Human Rights Watch, the German soccer league (DFL), Lufthansa Technik and the City of Cologne. Success has also been achieved in expanding the partner network: currently, more than 50 contract partners have made a commitment to ownCloud, including Red Hat, DELL, and Comparex. The most recent additions include partnerships with Computacenter, Fujitsu, GRAU Data and Collabora. A partnership agreement for the North American market has also been signed with XTIVIA, Inc. , whose workforce has now been trained so that they can serve customers and prospective buyers on-site. The world’s largest ownCloud installation, Project “DigiLocker” from the Indian Government, has meanwhile grown to more than two million registered users.

“We don’t want to gloss over anything, because, temporarily, the spin-off of Nextcloud as a fork certainly kept ownCloud on its toes. We had to dismiss nine employees in the US, which was a step that hurt. Which is all the more reason why we are pleased with the success in reorganizing everything quickly, with our time-tested team as well as managing to attract new employees. This allowed significant innovations to be included in the launch of Release 9.1, such as 2-factor authentication and Windows Network Drive notifications. A positive side effect has also been the dismantling of old structures from the past, allowing us to align ownCloud better to the needs of our clients. Today, ownCloud is in better shape than ever before, and with a bulging development pipeline, we have great aims for future growth and further internationalization!”
Tobias Gerlinger

Growth Capital and Personnel

In July, an investor group, to which CEO Tobias Gerlinger belongs, started backing ownCloud. Made up of three institutions, the consortium sees the investment as a long-term commitment and the broad client base and potential that ownCloud offers have convinced the backers to provide capital for sustainable growth. The appointment of various new staff has brought the headcount back up to 40 at the end of the third quarter, 15 of whom are employed in the Development Team, and seven in Support, Deployment, and Consulting. It was even possible to attract a new and highly respected security and PHP expert to join ownCloud. New appointments are also planned by the end of the year.

Community and Marketplace

In September, ownCloud staged the annual Community Contributor Conference at TU Berlin (Technical University of Berlin). A new record was established with more than 150 registered participants. One of the main themes at the conference was the announcement of the ownCloud marketplace. Scheduled for launch in early 2017, both developers and business partners can use it as a platform to offer their ownCloud apps, plug-ins and extensions, ownCloud-based stacks and ownCloud templates, as well as consulting services, white papers and development services relating to ownCloud on a free or chargeable basis. This marketplace will soon provide developers with a modern, effective platform for distributing and monetizing their ownCloud-related solutions and services.

Contributor License Agreements and Dual License Model the Only Path to Legal Certainty

ownCloud continues to require from each ownCloud Core developer a “Contributor License Agreement (CLA),” which transfers all intellectual property rights to ownCloud GmbH and, in return, assures the future availability of the contribution in open source. The developers also confirm that all their contributions are free of third-party rights.

“This forms the basis of our dual licensing model. With a pure AGPLv3 license model, each user is required to publish the source code for each change or extension. The majority of our clients do not want to go down this path and want the choice of either publishing their own customizations or keeping their customizations for themselves. In the enterprise market, this makes the dual licensing model of an AGPLv3 coupled with a commercially licensed variant essential and only ownCloud is capable of offering this with the CLA.”
Holger Dyroff, ownCloud COO

About ownCloud

Companies that rely on maximum security for the internal and external exchange of confidential data, place their trust in the on-premises platform for Universal File Access from ownCloud. Universal File Access allows them to access their files regardless of their location or the device being used. ownCloud delivers IT organizations unprecedented visibility and control for managing their sensitive data. Integrating existing business processes into existing security and compliance-conformant infrastructures means they can continue to be used, while simultaneously letting the user benefit from powerful features for effective collaboration in the modern business world. The open, modular architecture provided by ownCloud, with its varied expansion capabilities and unique features for Federated Cloud Sharing makes all this possible. If you would like more information, please go to

If you want to keep abreast of the latest developments at ownCloud, please visit our blog at or follow us on Twitter under @ownCloud.


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