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DB2’s Self-Tuning Memory Manager (STMM)

DB2's Self-Tuning Memory Manager (STMM) was introduced in DB2 9.1. The default for new, single-partition databases was ON from the beginning. What is STMM? DB2's Self-Tuning Memory Manager can allocate and change the size of specific memory areas including the total...

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How Much Memory is DB2 Using?

Memory usage can be an issue for DB2 whether a server has 2 GB or 2 TB of memory. There can be issues with making DB2 use all of the memory, and there can be issues with DB2 causing paging or even kernel panics. Because of this, it is important to understand how much...

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Collecting Statistics in DB2

Statistics are the most basic element of DB2 performance. One of the first questions any consultant or support person will (should!) ask you when you come to them with a query performance problem is when the last runstats was run for the tables involved. What are...

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MySQL Query Cache – Use it or Disable it?

Having frequently repeated SELECT queries and their results stored in memory can significantly optimize performance on your MySQL database. The query cache will perform such a task however, you must analyze whether your query cache is effective for your workload or if...

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