Change Data Capture

Continuing from our previous blogs on Salesforce Shield Encryption, another feature includes Change Data Capture, which enables you to track and capture changes to your Salesforce data in near real-time. You can use Change Data Capture to integrate your Salesforce data with external systems, such as data warehouses, analytics platforms, or third-party applications.

If you have a Salesforce record field encrypted with Shield Platform Encryption, any changes to the encrypted field value will generate a change event. A change event is a notification containing the data change’s details, such as the record ID, the field name, the old value, and the new value.

You can encrypt these change events by selecting Encrypt and delivering Change Data Capture events on the Encryption Policy page in Setup. By doing so, you can ensure that your change events are protected and secure and that only authorized parties can access them.

Encrypting the Chatter Feed

The Chatter feature enables you to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues and customers in Salesforce. Chatter data includes feed posts and comments, questions and answers, links, names, and URLs. It also provides poll choices, questions, and content from your custom-rich publisher apps. Chatter data is stored in the Feed Attachment, Feed Comment, Feed Poll Choice, Feed Post, and Feed Revision objects.

You can encrypt your Chatter data with Shield Platform Encryption; doing so can protect your Chatter data from unauthorized access and prevent data leakage or exposure.

The revision history of encrypted Chatter fields is also encrypted. If you edit or update an encrypted Chatter field, the old information remains encrypted. You cannot choose to encrypt only some Chatter fields. Enabling Encryption for Chatter encrypts all eligible Chatter fields.

CRM Analytics

One other feature is CRM Analytics, which enables you to create and analyze datasets from your Salesforce data. You can use CRM Analytics to gain insights into your business performance, customer behavior, and market trends.

You can encrypt your CRM Analytics datasets with Shield Platform Encryption; doing so can protect your data from unauthorized access and ensure your data analysis is compliant and secure.

Encrypting your CRM Analytics data only affects new datasets. Data that was in CRM Analytics before encryption was enabled is not encrypted.

In conclusion, Shield Encryption is a powerful and convenient way to encrypt your data at rest in Salesforce. However, more than encrypting your data is required. You need to manage your encrypted data regularly, using some of the tools and features Shield Platform Encryption provides, such as Change Data Capture, Chatter Feed, CRM Analytics, and Encryption Statistics. These tools and features ensure your encrypted data is protected, secure, compliant, and functional. Try Shield Platform Encryption today and see the difference for yourself.

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